A leap to leave power outages behind

A leap to leave power outages behind

Power Outages are not common and usually, the power is restored within seconds of a power outage. Occasionally the power outage may last longer than a few minutes and this could be due to broken power lines or damaged equipment. In such a case, the outage may last longer than a few days. Such outages can cause great problems and at any point of time, you should be prepared to live without power for at least 3 days. Here is how you can prepare for the Power Outage.

Steps to be taken before the outage

  • A major problem during the power outage is that you are left without heating. To deal with this you can always install a non-electric heating stove. While installing any such stove, ensure that the stove has good ventilation so as to prevent carbon-mono-oxide poisoning.
  • In case you have a chimney in your house, ensure that you get the chimney cleaned at least once in a year. This will save you from a chimney
  • You can also get a gas powered home generator installed in your premises. This will provide you will power backup for days.
  • If in case there are elder people who are depended on medical equipment, ensure that the medical equipment is connected to UPS. Alternatively, you can also connect the generator to the medical equipment.
  • It is also advisable to keep a flashlight handy so that you can navigate your way even when it is dark.

Steps to be taken during the outage

  • The first thing that you should check during a power outage is that if the outage is because of the circuit breaker of it is actually the outage for the whole neighborhood. Inform the electricity department if the outage is for the whole neighborhood.
  • Next step is to switch off all high power equipment like heater, television etc.
  • Now you can go ahead and switch on the electricity generator if you have one installed in your house. Or else you need to start a fire in the chimney.
  • If you have emergency lights then use one at a time as you do not know the duration of the outage.
  • You can also use the candles for lighting up your home but make sure that you use candle holders else you might end up starting a fire.
  • If you have a family member who depends on an electric powered medical equipment then the first step should be to evacuate the person.

Steps to be taken after the outage

  • After the power has been restored you need to put out the fire in the chimney and if you have a power generator then you need to switch off the generator and refuel it for future use.
  • If you switched off the main electric switch or if you activated the circuit breaker then you need to restore the connection.
  • If you had meat in your freezer and the outage was for long duration then dispose of all the meat and other eatable which could have gone bad because of the outage.

Canadian Power systems are here to help you at each and every point in the condition of power outage.