Home backup generator sizing calculator overview

What is generator sizing?

Choosing a generator for a house could be a very mind boggling process as there are many aspects to be taken care of. Every home has a different power requirement and so it needs a generator according to those requirements. This is where generator sizing comes into the picture. Generator sizing is done to find the proper size of a generator according to the power requirement of a home. Choosing a wrong sized generator leads to stress on home equipment as well as on the generator. Generators are now capable of supply a power from 5kw all the way to 50 kW and it makes it a little difficult to select a generator which is of the perfect size for a home.

What you need to know about generator sizing calculator.

Generator sizing calculator is the process of finding the right size of a generator for a home. This process depends on the number and type of equipment being used in the home and the amount of time that those equipment are powered by the generator. These factors are kept in mind while determining the generator. The most important factors that should be kept in mind while selecting a home backup generator are.

  1. Home’s Size
    This is the most important factor as it is directly proportional to the energy usage of any house. Every generator sizing calculator uses the home’s size in square feet to determine the amount of energy needed for it to run properly. The number of light bulbs used in any home is directly proportional to the area of a home i.e. if a home is bigger there will be more light bulbs used to light the whole house, in the case of a small house the fewer light bulbs would be sufficient to light up the whole house.
  2. Electrical elements
    A number of electrical equipment are also the main factor in determining the home’s power needs. In generator sizing calculator the home’s electrical equipment and their energy ratings are observed to make a better prediction on the electrical need of the house. The electrical rating of all the appliances should be added up and then the power requirement for the whole house is found which, in turn, is used to choose a suitable backup generator.
  3. Time dependent on the backup generator
    The amount of time that the appliances are run on the backup generator is another important factor that needs to be taken care of while calculating generator size. In the case of a house that is in a locality that sees a more electrical outage, the generator should be of bigger power rating than a house that seems very less electrical outage.Each home has an alternate power necessity thus it needs a generator as per those prerequisites. This is the place generator measuring comes into the photo. Generator estimating is done to locate the best possible size of a generator as indicated by the power prerequisite of a home. Picking a wrong measured generator prompts to weight on home hardware and also on the generator. All these factors lead to the generator sizing calculator and this way the perfect size of the generator is found out. Power requirement charting of every electrical appliance is taken into consideration and the sum is added to find the total power requirement for the home.