Identifying Generator Fuel Choices

Today, generators available in the market have a different kind of fuel requirements. Some run on a diesel engine and other run on Natural Gas. There are many other types of fuel which can be used to run the generator. Most commonly used are Diesel, Propane, Natural Gas and LPG. There are certain generators which can run on two types of fuel but the problem is about choosing the right fuel for the generator. Below are some of the commonly used fuels along with their major advantages and disadvantages


This is one of the most common fuels which is used to run the generator. The advantage of using Diesel is that the fuel is very cost effective for large engines. The technology has been in use for quite some time now and this makes diesel generators very reliable. The chance of an accident is also less because diesel is not very flammable. It is also known that diesel engine can operate in almost all kind of weather condition. The problem with diesel is that the diesel generator can be very polluting and at the same time the organization might not get permission to use a diesel generator because of emission issues. The generators are usually heavy and it is difficult to transport them


Second on our list is Propane powered generators. The good thing about this fuel is that it is considered as one of the cleanest fuels and it is also easily available. Propane is an efficient fuel when compared to diesel and other liquid fuels. The engine noise is also less as compared to other generators. The drawback of using propane is that the fuel is highly flammable and it is also an expensive fuel. The leakage can be very dangerous and the propane generators are not very durable.

Natural Gas

Natural Gas is supplied almost everywhere in the country and hence the fuel is never a problem in the generators which use Natural gas. Natural gas is also less polluting than any other power source. Gas is cheap hence there is no problem with the running cost either. Since the supply of natural gas is easily available, there is no requirement of storing the gas either. The problem with the natural gas is that it is not very efficient and the supply of gas can be impacted by natural disaster.

LP Fuel

LP fuel is also widely used in power backup systems and the main advantage of this fuel is that the system is very cost effective thus this doesn’t impact the profitability of the business. It is also a clean fuel hence emissions issues would not be a problem. The only problem with this is that it is that the generators have high initial set up the cost.

Alternatively, you can also use Dual engines for your organization as they provide you with a choice while selecting the fuel. If in case, propane is not available, the generators can keep the business running with help of diesel or any other compatible fuel.