Power Solutions for Hospitality and Restaurants

People working in the Hospitality industry are often associated with the customers who are there to avail services. The customer would never compromise with quality as he is paying for the services he is getting and any issue in quality can trigger a customer complaint. In today world, a customer complaint on social media can impact the business to a great level. A bad customer review can cause massive loss to business as the penetration power of social media is quite high.


Now imagine that a customer is waiting for the food he ordered in a restaurant, and all of a sudden there is a power outage. The outage lasts only for 10 minutes but lets us see the impact of this outage. The chef in the kitchen would be without power and in total darkness, he would not be able to cook. By now, the ingredients in the oven are burnt and they are totally tasteless. Two of the workers who were waiting for the customers collided with each other and one of the ended up spilling a glass of red wine on a lady wearing a white gown. The customer who had food on his plate was not able to eat the food and the food is now totally cold and uneatable. Once the power is back, imagine the magnitude of the mess created by this 10 minutes of power outage. The manager would be on his knees apologizing for something he is not responsible for. There would be a lot of bad reviews overnight and the next day could be a cold day for business as the bad reviews left by the customers on the website would have forced the future customers to cancel their booking. This is something embarrassing. The same situation could also happen in a hotel or a resort.


We at Canadian Power systems ensure that you do not have to face this sort of embarrassment. You have worked hard and your business should remain at the top so we provide power backup solutions for your business in order to ensure business continuity. The situation mentioned above will totally change if you have a backup generator system. Let us see how different things could have been if you would have deployed a generator for backup power. There is a power outage but you have a Canadian Power System Installed for your business. There is no impact of the power outage as the generator system automatically starts running and provides backup power to your business. The dish in the oven is baking perfectly, the waiters are serving the customers in a cheerful mood and the customers are enjoying their delightful meal. The chefs are still working in the kitchen without any break hence the customers are also getting their orders on time. The situation is totally opposite now and you have received a lot of positive reviews.


So a generator can totally change your business by providing you with a competitive advantage over you competitors. You don’t have to worry about the operational cost as well as the cost of operation doesn’t get impacted because of the highly efficient generators.