About the brand

Canadian Power Systems provide solutions that can eliminate all your power supply interruption worries. Industry or home, we have backup equipment and generators available in many different power and load capacities to suit your individual needs. We provide integrated techniques to offer products, customer support, manuals or related literature and after sale services to our customers. Our customized and economic solutions ensure our customers a leap to their business and leave the power outage worries behind. And our business is to save yours by providing reliable power backup.

Power is a fundamental need for a comfortable living. No power means that your life comes to a standstill. So what is the solution for power interruptions? In the event of a power outage, a generator is the only equipment that can provide power backup. With generators, we can maintain the set temperature for the room and keep the electronic equipment working.

As our lives heavily depend on electricity, even the phone gets charged through it so, no power means no phone, no connectivity, and no life. The generator can make us forget all our worries related to power interruptions.

Some of the benefits of Generators for home use are they are comparatively environment friendly and soundless, so when they run, they do not make the sound or pollution, therefore, neighbors don’t get disturbed. You can keep it anywhere in the house, at the passage, outside, or on Terrace. These can also be moved from one place to another. Generators allow the owner to continue running their air conditioners, refrigerators, heaters, washers, televisions, music players, laptops, medical appliances, dryers, chargers and everything that runs on electricity even when there is no power. Generators keep you stress-free and your family happy. You can enjoy all the comforts of electric equipment 24*7 uninterruptedly.

How do we make you forget power cut worries?

Having a Generator is the first step towards a stress-free living, generator ensures that business continues as usual even if the supply fails. If you are a house owner, industry owner, running a factory or just a small workspace, the most crucial equipment is Generator. Home generators come in many different shapes and styles. Each Generator has different models, sizes and has some unique specialties to serve your specific needs.

We also sell portable generators which are a handy choice for families and youngsters in organizing beach parties, outdoor events, and picnics. Apart from this, we also have industry specific customized solutions for businesses that need uninterruptible power supply such as hospitals, restaurants, manufacturing units and retail stores.

Generators come in different categories: one with natural fuel and other with batteries.  Both have different advantages and disadvantages of their own. They make the life of a common housekeeper easy so that daily routine does not get disturbed because of sudden power cuts or other such unavoidable conditions. A wise buyer and an intelligent house maker should always have a generator to put an end to his dependability on the electric grid.

Our services

Canadian Power Systems provide free home backup assessment for our customers and do the sizing calculations to suggest the suitable generator ratings as per their load requirements. As part of our end to end solution, we extend full assistance in generator installation, picking a suitable location for it in view of the maintenance and other accessibility requirements. The guarantee on the product is given as per the terms and conditions and even after the warranty our service. However, you can call our service staff anytime to help you with any troubles with the products.

Easy to operate and maintain

With the increase and technological advancements, Generators are now designed differently and in a compact way that makes them look beautiful and trendy. They are user-friendly and are very easy to use. Self-explanatory switches or buttons are put on it. Therefore a person having a Generator has made his life easy and comfortable. It allows the users to avoid power troubles during a storm or extended power outage, rather than fleeing to a hotel which may not be available as they too may be out of power, or full.


Our other Products

Apart from generators, our company is in sales of the following products.

  1. Transfer Switches & Controllers
  2. Pressure washers
  3. Water Pumps
  4. Gas wood splitter
  5. Electric wood splitter
  6. Trimmer Mower
  7. Chipper Shredder
  8. Accessories and Spare Parts

Canadian power system website is a comprehensive source for finding all relevant information regarding ongoing technologies, newly launched products through news articles and detailed insight on the products available for sale. On our websites, customers can find product manuals and guidance for their operational procedures. The customer support executives are available to resolve any query and provide assistance in making a purchase.

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